Don´t Bother Me Testo

Testo Don´t Bother Me

Since she's been gone
I want no one
to talk to me.
It's not the same,
But I'm to blame,
It's plain to see.
So go away,
Leave me alone,
Don't bother me.
I can't believe
that she would leave
me on my own.
It's just not right
When everynight
I'm all alone.
I've got no time
For you right now,
Don't bother me.
I know I'll never be the same,
If I don't get her back again.
Because I know she'll always be,
the only girl for me.
But 'till she's near
please don't come near,
stay away.
I'll let you know
when she's come home,
until that day,
Don't come around,
leave me alone,
don't bother me,
don't bother me (fade)
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