Are You Ready? Testo

Testo Are You Ready?

It’s like a train through a long tunnel, can you see the light?
Cause it’s getting bright.
It’s like a mother with child and you can feel the pain tonight,
Cause its almost time.

And does anybody hear me? Does anybody see?
Is there anybody willing, to follow me?
Is there anybody thirsty? Is anyone hungry?
Is anybody dying? Is anyone ready?
Who is ready?
Cause I am looking for….
Who is ready?
Cause I am coming soon.

There’s so many people scared, and it seems so unfair,
As the tragedy fills the air.
And we’ve never ever seen such extreme immorality,
It just makes me wanna scream for mercy!

And I’m building my army now,
Get ready, you better get ready!
I’m searching all around,
For those in position.
Never have you seen the things you’ll see.
Get ready for the greatest Victory!
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