For Such A Time As This Testo

Testo For Such A Time As This

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I’m just an ordinary person,
With so much resistance and so many hindrances.
I’m just a common average woman,
With an ugly past, that keeps tryin’ to hold me back.
Limitations all surround me
And this world thinks that it’s drowning in hopelessness.

Then I hear you call my name
Out loud and I say yes!

Just a moment for a lifetime.
For such a time as this, I say yes!
I’ve been chosen to arise,
For such a time as this, and I say yes!

Alive awake alert, I know I don’t deserve,
Why I’m in this position,
But I’m here ready to serve.
Willing to lose it all, I’m answering your call.
Oh heart and soul please listen,

For the mandate must be heard.
Your grace and favor crown me,
And I need your strength around me,
‘Cause I still fear how hard it might be.

And what’s worth living for, if nothing is worth dying for?
I’m gonna make a stand, I’m gonna make an echo.
I’m gonna make some history, with His story!
Writing the pages of today to read about tomorrows change,
‘Cause I know I was made, for such a time as this.
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