Holy Testo

Testo Holy

Nothing could ever compare to you
You’re so amazing!
No one could ever do the things the way you do,
Your love saves me!
Some try, but they just can’t get it right, no!
No power, no might, only by your Holy Spirit,
I’ma overflow, oh!

You’re so beautiful, perfect in all your ways
And I’m amazed! You’re so holy!
So magnificent and holy,
I’ve got nothing to give, but my praise.

Holy, holy, holy are you Lord!

There’s no one like you,
You’re glorious!
It’s overwhelming, just the thought
Of your unending love!
Righteousness and goodness and purity!
Worthy of my complete devotion, you’re all I need.

We are desperate for you
Only you can make us new
Ever so lovely, I know I was only, made for your glory
So fill us with your sound, turn it around,
As we bow down proclaiming you are holy
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