We Are Testo

Testo We Are

Calling everybody, are you ready for the battle?
We laugh at fear, covered by the King’s shadow.
All my soldiers! All my warriors!
Risk takers and history makers!
Freedom fighters! Planet shakers!
Let’s unite and shout a war cry!

We are the revolution!
This a love revolution!

With love vision,
We’re on a mission and we ain’t playin’.
‘Cause we goin’ do what we say
Now watch that standard raise,

While we keep prayin’!

We’re gonna make a change for the better.
We gonna stay bowed down, till we all stand together.
We chase fear away with our faith.
We’re gonna switch it up and take it a bit higher.
We’re gonna give up so much more than what’s required.
We chase hate away with this, with His love.
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