If Loving You Is Wrong, Then I'm A Werewolf Testo

Testo If Loving You Is Wrong, Then I'm A Werewolf

For you, my dear
I'd overcome my fear
Of becoming a werewolf right in front of you
And for you, my dear
You know I would be here to catch you when you stumble over a chair

Please change back your mousy hair
To the bright pink that I love to laugh at and tease you 'cause you're young
And beautiful
You're so beautiful

Nymphadora Tonks, I love you
There's nothing that I wouldn't do for you
You aren't the absence of my everything
'Cause my everything is absent when you're gone
Oh, my Tonks

I know I've been standoffish
I know I've been a dick
I know you've gone to Dumbledore about us
Harry said your Patronus changed
After you two got of the train
I'm so sorry about us

Everything just got so bad
After Sirius died and you were injured in that fight
And it frightened me
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