Get Into Reggae Cowboy Testo

Testo Get Into Reggae Cowboy

I was walking down Broadway New York, New York Tony Llama boots and a Stetson hat Proud to be a country boy Just then a messenger called me Rasta man on the road He said "You gotta get the rhythm of the islands Help me carry my load" Chorus: You've got to get into Reggae Cowboy Shuffle them boots on the street Get into Reggae Cowboy Feel that Reggae beat hey hey hey hey His message hit me like a brick man First I laughed, then I cried Somewhere between Jamaica and Nashville I realized I'd live my life These days I sit in my garden Soften frames on a steel guitar Beautiful rhythms on the tradewinds Blowing in to a Florida farm Repeat Chorus You've got to get into Reggae Cowboy 4x

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