Lovin On Testo

Testo Lovin On

Let the morning, find you in my arms
And let the ev'ning, see you safe and warm
And in the mean time, you'll be on my mind
When i'm gone, when i'm gone
Let the troubles, of the world go by
And leave the teardrops, to someone else to cry
And remember, honey you and I we're lovin' on.
There'll be mountains, that we'll have to climb
And there'll be rainbows, we may never find
But whenever, we'll have to face that claim all alone....all alone
Through the hard times, when it all goes wrong
We're gonna make it, not unless so strong
And when it's over, honey you and I we're loving on

If the whole world, ever melt away
If ev'rybody,else is gone
Don't you worry, honey come by me
we'll still be...loving on

Like the river, shining in the night
And like the sunrise, bringing one day light
Just remember, honey you and I we're loving on
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