Santa Fe Testo

Testo Santa Fe

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Her turquoise lips kiss me like a lover. Her silver eyes see right through my veins. Her Indian heart asks when I'll return to her. Her Spanish soul begs me to remain. And no one that I've ever known can move me like she does. No, it's not a woman that I love. Santa Fe Santa Fe. I have been here in your arms and now I want to stay. Santa Fe Santa Fe. I won't sleep 'till I'm back in Santa Fe. Her sunrise could bring light into a blind man. Her sunset could put tears there in his eyes. Her colors are laying there in brush strokes. Underneath those peote skies. The lay of the land stirs all of my emotions. She heals me with a laid back energy. She holds onto my broken lifeless spirit. And molds me just like pottery. And nowhere that I've ever been can make me feel this way. That's why I'm going there to stay. Santa Fe Santa Fe I have been there in your arms, now I want to stay. Santa Fe Santa Fe I won't sleep 'till I'm back Santa Fe. Santa Fe No, I won't sleep 'till I'm back in Santa Fe.

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