Circus Testo

Testo Circus

You think I'm loaded baby I'm just fine met my bottle he's a friend of mine, I bring him to parties he won't leave my side ya, i'm a circus and I won't let down drink that shit oh baby till I drown and i'm not talking controversial sounds yeah and i don't get drunk but i'd push zero point eight i'm fucking glad i'm not DD and i don't get laid there's nothing happening down there you don't believe me wait and see don't know why I see that guy he makes me wanna have a seat and cry he's just pissed you can see it on his face. I'm not there, i'm just alone, i'm sitting here drinking on my throne hey don't mind me cause I was just passing through. Go to parties baby wait and see nothing but great catastrophe a narrow focus that's myself and me ya and I don't care that if you think my way I'll make a fool of myself anyway and all that's crap cause i'm just ready to play

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