Threes A Crowd Testo

Testo Threes A Crowd

hello concrete, hello pain looks like i'm paired with you again
goodbye conference, so long belonging, hit the road

i'm celebrating, simply elated
by your real opinions hiding in disguise (in disguise)
there's no point in faking, it's on the table
i'll try not to care anymore

you misunderstand, i realize sometimes how difficult i am
my only goal was retribution
will you join me in a toast with these dirty razor blades
watch these crimson droplets wash mistakes away

celebrate it, wether you like it
with a dinner date of distrust and regret
i'll ask you freely if you really love me
go and pull the trigger
i promis not to care anymore

i don't want attention just the light to fade
no intervention my decisions made
don't pretend you care anymore
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