Seven Letters Testo

Testo Seven Letters

This is my last letter Dear, to you This is my last letter, baby I just can't write you anymore My poor little finger's swollen I'm tired of pacing the floor, yes, I am Threw away our favorite record It was tearing me apart This is my seventh letter, baby Just to satisfy my heart (One) Monday, I wrote and told you I was all alone and blue (Two) Tuesday, I wrote again, baby I said I loved no one, no one No one but you, no, I don't (Three) Wednesday, I wired you a cable Begging you to call Thank you for using (Four) Thursday, I sent the message I said I was wrong and, darling Please come back home (Five) Friday, I woke up crying With the sniff of a tear (Six) come along long lonesome Saturday I did the same thing all over again Yes, I did (Seven) this is my seventh letter, baby On this bright Sunday morning Just got off my knees from praying I said, Oh, Lord, oh, Lord Please send her back home Can't she hear me talking to her (This is my last letter Dear, to you) Seven letters, seven days Seven long, lonely days There, I said it (This is my last letter Dear, to you) yes, it is Yes, it is, yes, it is Oh, yes, it is

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