Tears, Tears, Tears Testo

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Testo Tears, Tears, Tears

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Just before the sun Is ready to say goodnight And the moon comes out of hiding To share his light I think about the things We used to do The way you held me When our love was new But it's no use in going Back through the years There's nothing left for me But tears, tears, tears, tears Everywhere I go it seems I see your smiling face But when I get home There's nothing but empty space That single cigarette We used to share The time we wasted When I thought you cared How can I face this life Without you near A life that only holds Tears, tears, tears, tears Who'd ever thought we would be Going, going our separate ways We promised love forever But where, oh, where is love today Do do do do.... Darling, if you'd Ever change your mind Come back and we will Leave the past behind I'll wipe away your doubt Dispel all your fears Top40db: The most accurate lyrics site on the net. But please don't leave me here With tears, tears, tears, tears But even though my heart is breaking I wish you love May you find the happiness That we both dreamed of Do do do do....

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