The Record (Baby I Love You) Testo

Testo The Record (Baby I Love You)

Hello, baby I'm in a penny arcade Just put a quarter in now To have this record made I only have two minutes, baby To tell you how much I love you And when you hear this record playing I hope it's clear what I'm saying [CHORUS] Baby (baby, I love you) Baby, yes, I do (Longing to kiss you) Girl, you know I do (Baby, I need you) Baby, yes, I do (Oh, how I miss you, baby) I'm a thousand miles from home Play this record when you're all alone Play it low, play it and listen Close your eyes, pretend we're kissing [repeat CHORUS] A red light just went on in here I guess that my time is up, dear A second more to say goodbye And say I'll always be your guy [repeat CHORUS 2x to fade]

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