Battle Of Who Cold Care Less Testo

Testo Battle Of Who Cold Care Less

Do you not hear me anymoreI know it's not your thing to careI know it's cool to be so boredI sucks me inwhen you're aloofIt sucks me in, it sucks it worksI guess it's cool to be aloneWill you never restFighting the battle of who could care lessEveryday you wake up lateSometimes I wish I wasthat wayAnd you think Rockford Files is coolBut there are some thingsthat you would changeif it were up to youSo think about your masterpieceWatch the Rockford FilesAnd call to see if Paul can score some weed.Will you never restFighting the battle of who could care lessUnearned unhappinessThat's all right I guess...I've go this great ideaWhy don't we pitch it to the Franklin F*cking MintFine pewter portraits ofgeneral apathy and major boredom singing...Whatever and ever AmenOh well maybe not try againThis should cheer you up for sureSee I've got your old I.D.And you're all dressed up like the CureWill you never restfighting the battleof who could care lessunearned unhappinessYou're my hero I ocnfess

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