Boxing Testo

Testo Boxing

Howard, the strangest thing
Has happened lately when I
Take a good swing at all my dreams
They pivot and slip
I drop my fists and they're back
Howard, now my intention's
Become not to lose what I've won
Ambition has given way to desperation
And I lost the fight from my eyes

Boxing's been good to me, Howard
Now I'm told you're growing old
The whole time we knew
In couple of years I'd be through
Has boxing been good to you?

Howard, now I confess
I'm scared and lonely and tired
They seem to think I'm made of clay
Another day
I'm not cut out for this
I just know what to say, I say

Well sometimes I punch myself
Hard as I can
Yelling nobody cares
Hoping someone will tell me how
Wrong I am

Has boxing been good?
Has boxing been good?
Has boxing been good...
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