Eddie Walker Testo

Testo Eddie Walker

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Won't you smile, you look so shocked
Put the name-tag on your smock
We've come to see you, Eddie Walker

You may pack a little tight
The girl up front says "It's alright"
But, look there's more of us
Still gettin' off the bus
We wish you'd come back home with us

Eddie Walker, this is your life

This one's you when you were small
And you're learning how to walk
They pick you up and you keep falling down

There you are with Aunt Louise
Your bouncing on her knees
Remember all those trees
Behind the garden
They're gone
They all got cut down when she died

Eddie Walker, this is your life
You never had a son or a wife
You sure had a hell of a time

Oh Eddie Walker, this is your life

This one's you and Mary Jo
But she couldn't come, she says "Hello"
No, Eddie Walker, she doesn't hate your guts
It's just the whole thing shook her up
How they picked you up and you kept falling down

Oh Eddie Walker, this is your life
You never wore a coat or a tie
You never had a reason to cry

This whole stack and all of these
Your semester overseas
We're gonna leave you
Eddie Walker
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