Sports & Wine Testo

Testo Sports & Wine

Destiny was callingMonday afternoonWednesday you'll be crawlingAnd you'll pray to be there soonWith sports and wineSome men never grew upFortunate like youSome men never found outWhat it takes to be a dudeThat's Sports and iWneThe girls don't understand itWhat you think is artMy oh my we're all impressedHow sensitive you areEverybody's talkin' about you nowYou know it's trueAlways has been sports and wine for youSo you ask me how I think I knowJust what makes you tickI know what I know y'knowI know you make me sickSports and wineGirls don't understand itAnything you sayI don't understand it eitherGuess that makes me gayEverybody's talking 'bout you nowYou know it's true...

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