Where's Summer B. Testo

Testo Where's Summer B.

I'd like to tell you, like to tell you Tell you everything 'Cause nothing changes, ever changes Nothing seems the same these days Dave's been a mess since Cheryl left Just sits at home and beats back death And Beth still wears his stupid dress There goes Joe Caparo again With Darren's girlfriend They're asking where ya been, like I know Where ya been? Hey Summer, where ya been? I tried to tell you, tried to tell you Just took a bit too long And now your phone is disconnected And your shit's out on the lawn The hardback cafe closed down Now we've got Office Town You shoulda stuck around There go Ross and Frank again They're holding hands They're asking where ya been Like I know where ya been Hey Summer, where ya been? I could take a train or fly away Maybe write a book or change my name I could settle down

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