Your Most Valuable Possession Testo

Testo Your Most Valuable Possession

6:49am, Friday, November 20th
"Good morning, Mr. Ben. It's about 6:30, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Ah, just laying here in the bed: half awake, half asleep, thinking about you. I was, uh, wondering if you were looking after your most valuable possession - your mind. I was thinking about John Glenn, his space journey and all. They said that when you're in space you lose muscle mass . . . and the body mass . . . and I wondered if there was any end to it. Or whether if you didn't exercise in space, how long it would be for you were just a head, or a mind, and have no body or arms; you would have them but you couldn't use them. I was wondering if, uh, if your body mass would drop to a certain level, and then it would stop right there and keep whatever you needed to use your mind, because it would still be working. 30 seconds remaining...anyway, I was just pondering that. What do you think about that? I hope everything is going all right, I may wake up here in a little while and forget what I was thinking about."

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