Iscarioth Testo

Testo Iscarioth

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
(You killed Jesus, we expect to hear your shrieks of pig
Macabre realms of your bestiality
You don't deserve to live!)

Voices told me I killed the Christ
I hear them at night and day, whispering
For centuries I've supported the weight of my shame
Threats, mockeries

When I will be dead, voices will leave me
I'm a betrayer and I deserve to suffer
I feel so guilty
Before the entire human race

I beg for a vain forgiveness
During weeks I've not sleet
All my fears become stronger in the dark
Shadows pass in front of me
And show me with their incriminating finger
I'm God and animal at the same time
In a shroud of mystery
Triumph of the unholy ones
Once I'll be dead they won't be able to catch me


Foetal essence of darkness
Drained in immemorial times
Hidden I choke down a sob
Now that I stand at he gates of madness I will escape
My body shakes all over
And my name will finally sink into the oblivion
Can't kill what's already dead
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