Last Part Of Humanity Testo

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Testo Last Part Of Humanity

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
My conscience lies, scruples betray
Erase trust, love and kindness.
Emotions lead to suffering, forget all compassion.
There's no mercy for the weakness
Deny all your existence
Black eyes empty of any expression gleam in frenzied brightness
Intent glance of the dead creature shines in the dark, liteless...

I condemn myself to be insensitive Screams and Nightmares of a life I wanted less cruel for me
I behold all Twilight's magnificence for a last time
Then I take a leave of the Sun's light
And prepare myself to become what I am,
Dead part of life.
What is dead this night in me is my last part of humanity
The dark silhouette of my body crouched on the corner of a cliff edge
Waits patiently for exorcism of it's mind sepultures of Mankind
Peace finally I find

What's dead this night is my last part of humanity

Born, suffer, dying...
Love, lie, hate...

Ruling emptiness, I stand up full of glory
Inhaling deeply I look down upon the Sea
I fly up into the night and plunge from the ridge
I'm drowning in Darkness, howling out immortal cries...

Leaving all I have been as the ground comes near me
In few seconds I feel strong, free from feelings.
I have chosen my way and taken control of my destiny
Mercyful Death...
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