Lost In Catalepsy Testo

Testo Lost In Catalepsy

As the eyes open, lying in warm blood
Trying to move the body still worn out
I don't know how long I stayed unconscious
Remains are so far ; obscurity's gone.

I ignore the date and don't feel life flying
Days are slaughtering me little by little
Icrawl along the ground like a blinded child
Trying to rule the lost senses of life.

A neverending night is taking me away
Through the path of the eternal sleep.

I have lost the control of my body I begin to slaver
Intelligence is now an old remain beast without reflex
I still lying unmoved lost in dark hebetude
Time endless runs out embracing this slow agony

I dream about a grave under the sun
With my name engraved on the stone cross
Holding out my hand to this illusory hope, lost.

Internal bleedings, I suffocate
Life is drowning like a corpse in a casket
Die for dying, always vain...
Lost frost inside.
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