Slut Testo

Testo Slut

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Suddenly a yawning gulf appears under my feet
Now I can see the real face of the traitor
Paralysed by the unconceivable I'm still petrified
I see the fear in your eyes as you realize
The vile depth of your treachery

You deserve my wrath, deserve to suffer
Deserve to feel what I felt
The features are different,
The mask of beauty is fissured
And lets appear insane baseness of your soul
Harmony is collapsed
The ugly drowns the carnal shell little by little in an ocean of dust

I really saw you behind your disguise, the artifacts fall,
The evil stands at the same time fascinating and terrifying

Stench replaces the sweet perfume
Desires become disgust
Hypocrisy trickles from your smile
Your words are poison
Each tear you shed is an insult to me
Each sob is a lie
All from you, slut, is dead to me

The own idea of your existence inside
Will be soon an old memory
Buried in my nightmares
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