Stay Brutal Testo

Testo Stay Brutal

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Have you ever heard the rattles of agony ?
When each minute seems like an eternity
When the silence is broken by the screams of anguish

Perceptions altered by rage
Enclosed in a cage
Encircled by morbid visions
Which take all the place in me
Submitted to emptiness
Envolves merciless spirit
I have made things I cannot speak
Dreams which never die in me

Dead human bodies are treated like simple toys
Macabre games where victims are my near relations

Inhuman practices come to me by insctinct
Invading my heart with dark insanity
Accepting this pulses pleasure is growing more and more
How I like this feeling of culpability
Delectation without name
Remains of humanity
Inviting anyone in my circle of madness
And my need for violence is boiling in my veins
Gutting all the bodies until the last

Stay brutal

Chained up, muzzled, blinded, molested
Stay brutal
Beaten, borken, strangled, mangled
Stay brutal
Slowly dismembered alive
Stay brutal

Voices told me : "I am the one
Full of hate who guides your arm
Forget all notion of the asset of life"
And I still standing with my eyes closed to this sublime work of ferocity
Voices tell me : "Do it again, stay brutal !"
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