Riverwest Creeps Testo

Testo Riverwest Creeps

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I've been misunderstood
for better or for good enough
I'm losing sleep
the riverwest creeps keep knocking at my door
I let them in, they throw a party and they pass out on my floor
and make me think... god am I losing it?
you said if I kept talking it would make you wanna leave me
are you gone yet?
are you still breathing my air?
you're like gum in my hair

I am an angel
and quite the rockstar, too
did you ever in your life
think you'd end up with someone like me?

how come every time I think I'm getting warm
you say that I'm not there yet
in fact I'm so cold
you think it's funny how cool I am
blind date, I'm on time for once
primmed and proper, dipped and dapper
I'm waiting on a sign froma cross the room
for the enjoyement of our guests tonight
we're hoping tha tyou'll sing a tune or two
set our hearts on fire


and we'll finally see what happens when we kill the man
who's holding up the world
maybe we could float along
float along and sing a song, we'll hum along

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