Jennifer Testo

Testo Jennifer

So this is Jennifer a bright eyed girl puttin miles under her feet
You know she just wont stop till she hits the top right on the cover of seventeen
Was on the 4 year plan now her old man cut her off and said she's done
But she still dont care about the world out there because her real life has just begun

Get up get up girl
Carry on
Pick your self up
I know youre the one
Dont let the west coast chew you up like some
You gotta get up get up
Girl, carry on

So its been quite awhile going on 5 months now got a place of her own in LA
Won't let herself get beat trying to make ends meet til the landlord bust in one day
He said 'Take your bad credit and theres the door, don't let it hit you on your
way out the room
itsabout a 3 mile walk until the next pawnshop you can beg but I'll just refuse'

So when the city lights just don't seem the same
And all the big shots are out talkin' a big game
I hope you know I believe in you I hope you know I believe in you
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