Scandalous Testo

Testo Scandalous

As the pen hits the paper
The ink seeps in deeper
Just like the love im falling into
Last call (but in) foresight
the dance could go all night
You know your rhythms on cue

that smile could fool the fbi
(theres no use lookin' into her eyes)
and i wont think twice about tonight
( no i wont think twice about this time)

This song is for the scandalous in you
Cause this love feels like a crime without a clue

As I sit here I'm thinking
From this glass I'm drinking
The room seems centered on you
Lets slip out through the lobby
Cause I need your company
You know this town is so blue

So lets dosey doh and whisper again
This is how a friendship ends
Raise your glass and close your eyes
A toast to all who loved and lost tonight

You know I like the way you
You know I hate the way you move
You know how to (across the room)
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