Chronicles Of A World Without Gods Testo

Testo Chronicles Of A World Without Gods

Music by Beto Vazquez, Lyrics by Beto Vazquez -- Kiara, Vocal melody by Kiara]

Sometimes we think that everything blew up
That nothing here is meant to change
The lights you trusted forever went out
The victories are promise of an Eternal dream

A life full of wonderful dreams

Ghost of the past, a kiss came from Hell
No human warmth, cold wind tonight
I scan your life, you think you are God?
Someone so hungry of growing without caring at all

A life full of wonderful dreams

I have just forgotten your name
Your empty life will take you down

[Beto Vazquez: Lead & Rhythm guitars - Bass -- Keyboards
Norberto Román: Drums
Guest Musician:
Kiara: Lead and Backing Vocals]
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