Down And Out Testo

Testo Down And Out

I sit alone with my notepad writing, better yet I'll stare up at the stars
Look at me; I'm still here trying, while the night moves on and on and on
Getting closer every time, by now you should be mine
Guess I'll try again tomorrow, but will you follow me down and out
to what we're all about?
It's the way you stare at me when I'm not there

Running in circles, I'm up then I fall
Dragging me deeper, I'm gone and never coming back for more

I'm feeling certain if I draw the curtain from behind my eyes, you'll believe
I wrote this song for you to sing along, and if you find it true,
then you'll see if you follow me down and out to what we're all about
It's the way you stare when I'm not there

Now I'm gone and not coming back for more
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