Half Past Forever Testo

Testo Half Past Forever

Right now I think I'll pay attention to everybody else but me
For once I'm here and I feel so awkward; I cannot let this be
Today is said and done, tomorrow's just begun, and now I've taken a life forsaken and turned it into one
So set me up for the worst, there's nothing left here that hurts
Could I be wrong and I will move on if you rid me of this curse
I've given all I can, and if what I know won't stand, then please help me out 'cause I've got a feeling the answer's in my hand

And I don't even know why, this life seems to pass me by
With every waking day brings another one in, but not to stay

So I'm taking the part of me that stands in your way and saying goodbye to the yesterday
Now we're taking the part of us that feels like it's half past forever, and this time it's now or never

So by now you think I'd learn my lesson from watching everyone but me
This empty feeling made up of meaning means something more than the dream
So every now and then, in this recycle bin, the things you thought were a grave departure have come to life again
But it's always wearing thin and it's making my head spin
So I'll cut my losses short 'cause I guess I'll never win
If this isn't meant to be then what more can I foresee; a change for now, but I think forever has come to set me free
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