Let It Go Testo

Testo Let It Go

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Why must there be times where it feels like we're so blind?
If you can't find any, know the girl has way too many
I'm a sucker waiting for my fix
Everybody knows that this is just what I get 'cause I'm so simplistic

I'll fantasize, you'll tell me lies
You'll fall behind, I'll jump in line
You'll tell me this; my hit or miss reminds me of your deadly kiss
You're not a gift to every guy you've ever known so let it go

I'll take a look and see it's all a game to find who we want to be
It's not for me, no it's not for me
You depend on being known as one who can mess
with everything that we have become,
but you still don't get none

There was a time where I stayed up 'till 1 or 2
to figure out the reason why I fell in love with you
I used to have a grip on everything,
now what I know is all that's left of me and what I can't let go

I'm finding out why everything I've ever known comes back when I'm alone
If you could see me now,
you'd know that the time has come for me to take it back
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