Clean Up Man Pt. 2 Testo

Testo Clean Up Man Pt. 2

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Here we go nigga (here we go)
Gizzle baby, return of the living dead nigga
(uh oh) I might as well go old school with it nigga
'97 huh, it's just kill or be killed, nigga you heard me
Murder murder, whatever whatever (uh-huh)
Taking no shorts (Ken G's on the track)

[Hook - 2x]
On dangerous grounds, with the K in my hand
It's blacka-blacka boo-yacka, I'm a clean up man

Is you bout yours, cause I'm bout mine
Hope you got your's, cause I got mine
Now is you bout yours, because I'm bout mine
I hope you got your's, because I got mine
Now we could bang out, I don't give a fuck nigga
You better duck nigga, when you see me coming
In that black pick up truck, nigga
It's going down nigga, I'm bout to clown nigga
Spit fifty rounds nigga
All in dumpsters and allies, bodies gon be found nigga
I live a wild life, real wild nigga
It's get it how you live, how you live is how you get it
Nigga this that battlefield, nothing but the realest
It's survival of the fittest, you gon respect that
You gon respect that, cause ain't no checking that
We gon split a wig, if we gotta split a wig
We gon dig six feet, if we gotta dig

[Hook - 2x]

Nigga I come through, my attitude shitty
And I let it be known, my crew is Chopper City
And we ain't playing no, kind of games nigga
If you get in, all where you lose your brains nigga
It's going down yeah, I act a clown yeah
In or Almanasas, where you found yeah
Bodies after bodies, stacked high nigga
That's how we do it nigga, it's do or die nigga
And you know I told you, only the strong survive nigga
I mean, only the strong survive nigga
And I'm one of the strongest, gon survive nigga
That's gon ride nigga, it's suicide nigga
If you step to B. Gizzle, man I swear to this
You'll never get to tell that, believe that

I hope you bout yours, because I'm bout mine
I hope you got your's, that's cause I got mine
Now is you bout yours, that's cause I'm bout mine
I hope you got your's, that's cause I got mine
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