That's How We Get Down Testo

Testo That's How We Get Down

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Weakness nigga...

...I hit the block +Thugged Out+, straight holdin' it down
I'ma hustla, 'bout my money, That's How I Get Down
Nigga betta +Clear Da Set+, when I come 'round
It sho'nuff be a killin, That's How I Get Down
I keep a AK, or with fifty-rounds
I'ma rida' nigga, yea That's How I Get Down
Be thuggin' like a mothafucka 'bout, wat'chu 'bout?
I stand my ground, That's How I Get Down
Now look nigga, and bad hoez, straighten they mouth
Don't give a motherfuck nigga, That's How I Get Down
I ride dubs, tv's...wit' sound
I be shinnin' like a mothafucka, That's How I Get Down
Rolex, presidential iced out'll week out
It'z +Bling Bling+ Baby, That's How I Get Down
Bitch-niggaz get found...smellin' foul
Itz Blaow, chck, chck, Blaow, That's How I Get Down...

Look, come here Liven', walk over here, come on
'Lacs don't say that Liven', wordie...


['Lac] I be thuggin'-n-hustlin'
[Baby] Niggazhowwegetdown
['Lac] It'z wat'eva fo' tha chedda'
[Baby] Thatzhowwegetdown
['Lac] I be thuggin' in public
[Baby] Thatzhowwe Roll
['Lac] It'z wat'eva fo' tha chedda'
[Baby] Thatzhowwe Roll

['Lac] I be stuntin'-n-shinnin'
[Baby] Niggazhowwegetdown
['Lac] It'z wat'eva fo' tha chedda'
[Baby] Thatzhowwegetdown
['Lac] I be flyin'-n-grindin'
[Baby] Thatzhowwe Roll
['Lac] It'z wat'eva fo' tha chedda'
[Baby] Thatzhowwe Roll

Niggaz be petrified, out in the streetz, it'z do or die
You Want Beef, grab yo' strap, saddle up and ride
When itz time to bang, my nigga I bang mine
Never leave a witness alive to testify
I-Identify, point the finger at me
Never get the chance to tell the judge, it was me
Man I threw him off, each and every civilian off that I shoot 'em all
Don't even fuck and pull it off
I'm Mr.Raw, Mr.Pull It, I'm cut, niggaz act like they don't know
Bet they know, wat's up, garanteed to know the outcome of drama
Wit'dis Hot Boy, just might lose yo' mama
Runnin' shop, +I'm Com'n+ in, you lose your prada
Don't up it, brains gets remove out'cha
I'ma ink a same nigga, we causin' them problems
Same nigga if you want'em, I got 'em-Come Holla


Real is the only way I know how to keep it
Anything else have no idea how to be it
I been thuggin'-n-hustlin', That's How I Get Down
It'z wat'eva nigga fuck it, That's How I Get Down
But fo' the money, benz, carz and all
Niggaz on the block paper-chasin'+Play'n It Raw+
I'ain gangsta, thatz just gangsta in the studio
I'ma gangsta, that shitz gangsta everywhere I go
We yo' homeboy, research, study 'bout me
Fo' you call yourself sauckin' up to Lil' B.G.
You could get yourself +Checkmated+
Brains in the streetz, tracin' white chalk coppa'
But of couse white sheets, think itza game
Think itza joke, think I'm playin',
Watch how some playin' wit' you get smoked
Trust wat' I'm sayin'
You wanna be a man, go pound for pound
Round for round, I'ma show you, How I Get Down


[Baby-Game Spittin']
Believe 'Dat homie, (look)nigga don't come through this cut nigga
If you ain't frontin' or stuntin', don't come through here
But we gon' show How We Get Down homie, ya understand?
We +Ridin'+ 25'z now-a-dayz playboy
Come 'round on dub dueces or dubs-we jack'em
Fake niggaz-we slap'em(Motherfuck'em)
Hot Boys, Believe 'Dat(Dick-Suckin'-Bitch), out'chere nigga
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