Big Wedge Testo

Testo Big Wedge

I found a new religion yesterdayI'd just cleared immigration JFKA priest got in a cadillacThe shoe shine boy sang gospelAs God and his accountants drove awayYou'll see him coast to coast on live TVIn a stadium rocked by Satan just the night beforeThe collection from the faithful it is tax freeIt'll pay for his presidential campaign and his yachtAnd we all bow down, we bow down to the big wedgeAnd we'll buy ourselves some heaven on earthWe sell our souls, sell our souls for big wedgeAre we selling out tomorrow for today?A surgeon checks your plastic on the phoneA Casio concerto entertains you while you holdYour credit rating's good for a Madonna or a BardotA Dali or a Picasso for his wall.You're looking good, you're looking good with big wedgeAre you holding back tomorrow for today?They're driving in, driving in the big wedgeAre we selling out tomorrow for today?You'll sell the ground beneath your feetYou'll sell your oil, you'll sell your treesYour ideals and integrity, your culture and your historyYour children into slavery to labour in their factoriesYour mtoher and your familyYou'll sell the world eventuallyThe IMF and CIA; there's just no difference they're all the sameIt all depends on what's your point of viewAmerica, America the big wedgeAnd they're buying your tomorrow up todayWith promises the promises of big wedgeAnd they'll break them like your hearts another dayWhen you find out that you've left it just too lateAnd you find that you're the only one to blameThat you sold out your tomorrow yesterday for Big Wedge

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