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I've got a reputation of being a man with a gift of wordsRomantic poetic type or so they sayBut I find it hard to express the way I feel about youWithout getting involved with the old clichésIn the old clichés, it's an old clichéThis song's begun so many times but never in a wayThat you won't consider to be an old cliché.I want to say that I need you, I miss you when you're awayAnd how it seemed like fate - oh here we go - the same old clichésIt's the same old clichésIt's not that I'm embarrassed or shy, well, you know me too wellBut I want to make this song special in a way that you can tellThat it's solely fo ryou and nobody elseFor my best friend, my lover, when I need help - clichéEverything I want to say to you is wrapped up in an old clichéI'd waited so long to find you, I'd been through the heartbreak and painBut of course you already know that 'cause you've been through the sameThat's why I'm trying to say with my deepest sincerityThat's why I'm finding it comes down to basic simplicitiesThe best way is with an old clichéIt's simply the best way, is with an old clichéAlways the best way is with an old clichéI'll leave it to the best way, it's an old clichéI love you

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