Clock Moves Sideways Testo

Testo Clock Moves Sideways

Wheels within wheels, turning wheels, tumbling towards a conclusion.A crimson cascade, the blood in the bowl,And the mind that you're in is walking the world but you feel like you're walking on water,Face up to the facts, face up to the truth, face up to reality, you're just being usedThere's a spark in your eyes, when she calls you'll explode and she's blaming it all on crossed wires.When the clocks move sideways, when the clocks move sideways, Fellini daysFix a stare at the wall, avoiding the accusations that lurk in the mirror, trying to catch my attention,Reflect on the fact that your life is such a mess.Whose fault is that anyway?The shutters are closed, did you lock all the doors?Arm the alarms? Sheath all the knives?Unload all the guns? Throw out all the pills?Did you remember to switch off the TV?Don't answer the phone,Provide the impression there's nobody home,As if there was anyway.As if there was anyway.When the clock moves sideways, the clock moves sideways.Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tockTock, tock, tock, tock...When the clock moves sideways, when the clock moves sidewaysFellini daysFugaziDon't answer the phoneFugaziWheels within wheels within wheels,Tumbling towards a conclusion,Wheels withni wheels within wheels,Tumbling towards a conclusion,Tumbling towards a conclusion,Tumbling towards a conclusionShould auld acquaintance be forgotAnd never brought to mindShould auld acquaintance be forgotFor auld lang syneFor auld lang syneFellini daysFellini daysFellini days

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