Manchmal (Sometimes) Testo

Testo Manchmal (Sometimes)

The turtle and the scorpion, the riverbank the deal, To cross the open water they mutually agreed, Out there in the distance, the other side in sight, Banking on forever, holding on for life, I can see the other side, I want to see the other side, Somewhere in the middle the truth is hard to find, I'm running round in circles; I find I'm running blind, Praying for the distance, praying for more time, Running round in circles, running out of time, Manchmal, I often think of you, Manchmal, I want to see it through, Manchmal, I should feel something more inside, Manchmal, I want to reach the other side. I'm swimming, I'm swimming! The poing of grave decision, no turning back this time, No sence of reluctance, no doubt in mind, Except that nagging feeling, the thought that it might fail, The bullet's in the chamber, the sting is in the tail, Manchmal, I only think of you, Manchmal, could we see it through? Manchmal, there is something left inside? Manchmal, my nature cannot hide! I can see where we're going; I can see how you feel, I can sense you're going to leave me, I know you'll reak the deal, I'll drown in my sorrows and I'll drink at your shrine, manchmal, Is that the way that you see it, tell me how it should be, It's time to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea, Manchmal, Manchmal. Manchmal, there's something stirring deep inside, Manchmal, a chance to come alive, Manchmal, manchmal, It's time to choose between the open water and your dreams, Time you faced reality, time you faced your fears, Manchmal, it's different this time. Manchmal, manchmal, it'll be different this time, Manchmal manchmal, Jedesmal.

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