Parting Of The Ways Testo

Testo Parting Of The Ways

It's strange to find we're almost strangersAs I turn to leave you nowI know there are dangersYou have believed in meAs I believed in youBut it's not hard to seeIn the end a man should doWhat his heart tells him he mustAnd so I place my trust in the parting of the waysThe days that I have stood besdie youThey are days that I could not forget if I tried toBut day has turned to nightLife's changed for you and meWho knows what's wrong or rightWe'll agree to disagreeNow the time for talk has passedAnd so we reach at last the parting of the waysNow I need to find my own directionSide by side we faced the world togetherBut nothing lasts foreverAnd so the story endsMore than pride's dividing you and I nowAnd though we say goodbye nowAt least we part as friendsIt seems our future is decidedNow the fates dictate that you and I be dividedAnd though it's hard to tellWhere we will go from hereYou know I wish you wellEven though my course is clearIt's no easy thing I doTo walk away from you at the parting of the waysThough I need to find my own directionYou can bet I'll never forgetThe times we've come throughBut now we come toThe parting of the ways

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