Raingods Dancing Testo

Testo Raingods Dancing

Amici, ecco i finalisti
Empty churches, empty pews, in the subway nothing moves and the static on the radio is drowning out the sound of Raingod's dancing,Empty playgrounds, empty bars, I can't remember how it was before the flood when all I had to do was recognise the love that's trapped inside.I gave it all, I took it back and in the end there's nothing left except a shell surrounding emptiness and loneliness, a core of pain,I see my pathway shining.Raingods with Zippo's, a tinman hides a broken heart,Raingods with Zippo's, he knows the flame has gone that soon he'll fall apart,So I lay me down to lie and with the rain my lullaby I drift away to dreamless sleep, leave behind a life that died, a victim of a Plague of GhostsI was wrapped up in my guilt buried deep within my memories, a shelter of self-pity that I know the rain will wash away, I sense the storm arriving.Raingods with Zippo's, a tin manr usts away and slowly falls apart,Raingods with Zippo's and all he leaves behind a bleeding broken heart.---Mehr Fish / Marillion unter http://www.planetmork.de und http://musik.planetmork.de