Say It With Flowers Testo

Testo Say It With Flowers

We could talk for hours and we do about nothing,And avoid talking about anything that could cause us problems,that we couldn't ignore, and have to talk about, to sort something out.We got to keep talking, Keep talking.So we'er talking, and that's something.I'm really happy that we're talking,It's sure to get us somewhere, make it better,And then we're sorted just as long as we keep talkingEverything's gonna be alright.I got secrets then you know that.You've got secrets I want to know about.But if you want to know what I knowThat you know then, we got to start talking.Let's be honest. We can't ignore it. Keep talking.When I look into your eyes I don't know what to say to you,When I'm standing face to face, I don't know what to say to you,They said say it with flowers so I said it with flowers.I sent you short red roses, short red roses.Everything's gonna be alright.We've been talking for hours, so have we got somewhere?Can we say it's all worked out, it's all ok?Let's go to bed, I'm tired, to be honest.I just want to go to sleep, I'm tired.Let's talk about it in the morning, let's talk about it in the morning.To be honest, I'm tired.I'm tired.

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