The Perception Of Jonny Punter Testo

Testo The Perception Of Jonny Punter

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Just another nigger, a spooky piece of white trash,Just another jewboy, spic, mick, yid, raghead motherfucker living on the planet.(USA version: Just another wake up, a hostage of a sunrise,Just another paranoid, victimised motherfucker living on the planet.)Just before it kicks inJust like a silver bullet,Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and tell me that it's worth it,Said it'll never happen, you said you'd never get caught out,You settled in a habit, so now you're Mr Fixit,Just another alien, living on the planet,Living on the planet, living on the planet.It's just one of those days when you know that something's gonna happen.Another betrayal, lose another friend,You know you never need them, on your own until the bitter end.Just another pick up, just another kill, someone else's daughter, someone else's girl,Living on the planet.We are in another world, Living on the planet we are, we are,And you know there's some days when you feel that something's gonna happen,This is one of those days which you know that something's gonna happen,And something's gonna happen.Somedays you just wake up and you don't have any real sense of direction, you just can't find the will to get up and go through with it all, your next allotted 24 hour slice of destiny.There's just a bad vibe and rather than a world of opportunities, it's full of threats and just too many negative variables.I'd noticed these houses way up in the hills and I tried to imagine what it would have been like living up there isolated from the world, every night watching the fires crawl slowly down the valley, and knowing that one night it was gonna be your turn for the visit.I tried to imagine what it would have been like hiding in a cellar with your family and the fear hoping that when they do come, when the dogs don't bark, and the silence is around you, you hope that they burn the whole house around your ears and they don't discover you hiding in the cellar because you've got nowhere to go, and you know that one day that something's gonna happen.There's one day, just one day.Just another village burning in the hills,I saw it on the TV, just another thrill,Someone else's problems, someone else's grief,Someone else's children, living on the planet,We are in another world living on the planet,We are in another world living on the planet, we are, we are.It's just one of those places that never exist till you've been there,It's just one of those things that you never will see till you wake up,And you know that somewhere there's somebody that's out there who thinks like you do.And you hope that today is the day that it's all gonna happen for you.And you know there's somedays when you feel that something's gonna happen.This is one of those days which you know that something's gonna happen.

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