The Voyeur Testo

Testo The Voyeur

Track down a satellite, beam in the action,Life lies bleeding live in your living room,Our senses on remote control, overkill on overloadFrom Lockerbie to Lebanon's getting closer every dayHollywood to Hungerford's an impression awayI like to watch implausible pledges of polite politiciansI like to watch them even more than my video nastiesI like to watchThe bleating of a bimbo, a back-stabbing beauty queenTitillating tabloids trigger off a wet dream into actionA fatal attraction, private lives are up for auctionA cupboard full of skeletons are coming out to playI like to watch disasters in replay and rerun in slow-moI like to watch on the spot interviews, kicking in front doorsI like to watchTo watch as my face is reflected in blank TV screensThe programmes are over, I like to pretend that that'sMe up there making headlines, camera closeupsCatching my right sideI don't care if it's only a momentAs long as it's peak-timeJust as long as all of my friends and family see meThe world will know my name - come on downI like to watch psychologists speculate, analysts analiseI like to watch my methods and motives, the topic of talk showsI like to watchSwitch off, turn on

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