Sookie Now Testo

Testo Sookie Now

[feat. David Banner]

Ahh sookie sookie now (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Ahh sookie sookie now (ay ay ay ay)
Ahh sookie sookie now sookie now
Ahh sookie sookie now sookie now
Ahh sookie sookie now sookie now
Ahh sookie sookie now sookie now
Ahh sookie sookie now

[Verse 1: Big Krit]
In my crooked now
I never left the crock pot bitch I'm cooking now
Old school fed scrill rims got me looking down
Country boy making noise world lookie now
Might just throw some D's on it I got move to make
On time with these dope breads, my money never late
Don't be bothered with thee lames, you should elevate
I got bottle for the poppin' boppin' we should celebrate
Money over everything, what'chu know about it?
Head full of bad bitches, I can't role about it
Playa you should never doubt it
Talking live from the underground
It's forever going down


[Verse 2: Big Krit]
This that diamond in the back flow
Bitch, I got enough I wish you had mo'
Hoe, they used to jump traduce the past goal
Nah, I'm the one you niggas ask foe
I'm talking dirty gutta sides
Pimps with the curls and the golds in they mouth
Old school cars, dows on the slam
Big country gurls, ass like damn (DAMN)
I'm on it now, I been a king
Million man march in my trunk, you hear the dream (get it shawty)
Cornbread pimpin' throwing collagens
Poppin my collar feeling clean


[Verse 3: David Banner]
Twist yo fingers if ya in it throw yo hands up
Twist yo fingers make a end it throw yo hands up
If you from the south and you proud nigga goin say it loud
If you a working class nigga or got subs in yo mouth
From the land of the Ku Klux with no mask
And my folks shit they never had the rebel flags
Still flying bitch you lying, if you say we ain't hanging
From a tree Frederick Carter Greenwood Mississippi
Any... now I'm a talk about hoes
A nigga almost got killed in front his semi-body froze
When Al Johnson, Andre Jones and my folks in these jail cells
They call it suicide, cause it's just another black male


Ah sookie sookie now
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