The Middle Goes Down Testo

Testo The Middle Goes Down

Cold winter cuts - a heart that couldn't heal
destroyed by it's own stupidity
a frozen smile - cracks backing frigid lies
I shelter beneath a veil of happiness - a delicate facade
and snow falls as to bury what we had
everything we left behind
although your loving eyes - have left my gaze forever
they've been captured in my sleep - although this vacant heart
can't go on any longer - I feel your soft breath in my dreams
but it shall not be - I cannot shake these feelings
I can't renounce - this love for you is all I know
I am controlled by sorrow - my hope forever lost
bested by my weakness - will the spring's warmth never come?
And the snow
still heaping on this broken back
I am lost within its persistence
you took the meaning
from this withered soul
I have no strength without your touch
and so it was - and can never be again
and so it was - and will never ever be again.
Lost - this love for you is all I know.
Weakness - will the spring's warmth never come?
A little child crying - from the bunk below
I still love you - I can't cut that tie from my life
love born in regret? Was our blight carved into stone?
The stone that lines my heart - I wish I never loved you
cold sweat and eaten nails - I did this all for you.
A broken heart - a clenched fist full of hair - I did this all for you
and any other embrace - will just turn into shit
in the shadow of our former love
I'd trade a bloody wrist - to live forever in those nights
but the deed hath still been done
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