The Reason Testo

Testo The Reason

Lyrics to The Reason by Black Rose Garden:
Yes, everything in life is but of destiny
It always seem to be
Some things last for eternity
Every once in a while
there is a different kind
The spirit flies into the sky and makes me feel so fine to be with you
For this I have longed
And this makes me feel so sound
Don't know why and how
Everything's alright now
I believe that every person
needs love and understanding
It's just the fact of life
We need each other every day
Let's all say
We all live as one together
We all live as one
And we will dream our dreams together underneath the sun
and we will sing our song together
Harmony's begun
Yes we will bear the stormy weather
We will never run
Yes we will bring our hearts together
We'll walk hand in hand
Oh life can be so merry if we always carry on
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