A Hard Road Testo

Testo A Hard Road

Old men crying, young men dying,World still turns as father timeLooks onOn and on,Children playing, dreamers praying,Laughter turns to tearsLove has gone, has it gone?Oh, it's a hard roadOh, it's a hard roadPoets yearning, lovers learning,On this path of life we pass alongIs it wrong?Widows weeping, babies sleeping,Life becomes the singer and the songSing alongOh, it's a hard roadCarry your own loadWhy make the hard road?Why can't we be friends?No need to hurryWe'll meet in the endWhy make the hard road?Why can't we be friends?No need to worryLet's sing it againBrother's sharing, mother's caring,Nighttime falling victim to the dawnShadows mourn,Days are falling, time is callingTo the Earth another life is bornLove line drawnOh, it's a hard roadCarry your own loadOh, it's a hard road...We're living in sorrowWe're living the bestAnd look to the future'Cause life goes together now...--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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