Gypsy Testo

Testo Gypsy

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Watch the universe at the and of another day
Fatalistic ships from a distant shore
In the back of my mind I could see she was standing there
Like the feeling you have when you've been there before
She was a gypsy woman
She was as cold as the day
She said I'd got it coming
And then she took me away,yeah
She took me through the shadows of her sunken dream
I thought it's over for me
She wasn't all she seemed
She took my hand and then she started to speak
She told me she'd had the call
With eyes of fire that were burning my soul
She looked into her crystal ball
She read my fortune then she read my mind
She didn't like my thoughts at all
She showed me shadows, a specter of life
My soul just wanted to scream
She stared so deeply into my eyes
That's when I fell into a dream
When I awoke in bed she lay beside me
And as she read me with her eyes, she said:
"So you wanna be a gypsy,
Come on now,
So you wanna be a gypsy,
Come on now, now, now..."
Gypsy woman you're the devil in drag
You are the queen of all hell
You took my body now you're wasting my soul
You've got me under your spell
And as the sun shines on another day
You're gonna take mind,as well, it`s over
So you wanna be a gypsy,come on now [3]
So you wanna be a gypsy...
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