Sorry Pat; Love, The World Testo

Testo Sorry Pat; Love, The World

Jump in to the bewitchin pool,
I get the feeling I've been lied to.
Like the faithful man who plays the fool,
it's the final act and he's coming through...
the record stopped but the clock ticked on.
You left us all, especially me. You knew full well
that the party died when you walked out that door.
You said "I'm not ready for all of this",
I said "babe, you already chose this trip".
Jump in to the bewitchin pool,
I get the feeling I've been lied to...
You're killing yourself just to feel alive,
and who am I to judge? Let's turn off the lights
and put on funny games, and we'll go to sleep terrified...
My girlfriend says I smell like cigarettes,
but I swear I haven't had a drag in months.
She says that we're all idiots, and I think that I agree for once,
cause we sing until our throats are dry...
When everything is said and done,
I'll reach for my father's gun
and say a silent prayer to anyone and everyone.
I've reached the point of no return,
forgotten all that I have learned.
I'll walk through the fire, and refuse to let it burn
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