Things I Do But Don't Tell My Girlfriend About Testo

Testo Things I Do But Don't Tell My Girlfriend About

Gli album più attesi alla fine dell'estate: da Ligabue a Vasco
I brought my fist to a gunfight tonight,
and I don't think I'm gonna be alright…
Remember when we stood for something?
Now we can barely stand.
And tell me, why should we?
When everything we desire is played right in our hands…
The world stopped turning when I realized
I was the sanest person in the room.
Oh what a terrifying thought…
How was your day without an identity?
Man, it was pretty fucking beat.
How was your day with my identity?
Man, it was pretty fucking great.
Saturday night, we'll drink ourselves to sleep or to death.
These basement steps are fucking Everest.
Sunday morning, parking lots are empty.
So are all the churches, I wonder if that's irony
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